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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hari Raya Feast

Whenever we talk about raya and how we celebrates it, everybody has their own opinions, open house – inviting friends and relatives to come over to the house and celebrating the day together – somewhat like parties but this occasion is very special.
And it’s including my company!! It was fun and energetic for everyone the day before the feast. We were talking over and over again over the arrangement, who’s bring what, and all other stuffs. And for the first time, I ever heard the word “pot luck” – my office mate even teaches me how to spell it. Heheheheheh..Thanks Fatimah..
And when the day arrives, the first people who enter the meeting room <We have to convert our meeting room into ad-hoc pantry, it was congest!!> is my Boss. Hahahahah..It’s a big surprise for us, since he is Singaporean, and this is the first arrangement of such occasion at our office, he seems like giving full support and enjoying all the foods there especially "tapai" (traditional food made by Fatimah), he even commented the taste was very special, like yogurt. Heehhehehe..

Well guys, scroll down because some stuffs we can't express it with words!!

Ummi Nor, Mama Najla & Kak Norli
Pic taken immediately after the arrangement.

The Refreshments!!!
We have pasta, crab meat, fried mee, rendang, tapai, ketupat, cake, sandwiches, grapes, keropok lekor.
Hasil dari "pot-luck" kengkawan ofis.

Boss with Malay traditional food - "tapai"


My faveret shot - "Bini sape lah ni?" - hahahahahah
Ini baru starter ya, blom masuk main course lagi..keh keh keh

Me, Syarifah and Our Boss

3 mak orang pingitan

Boss QC menge"test" kamera office


. Dan Hasilnya.....

Pic taken by our QC Boss
Ada talent jadik freelance photographer.

Our Technical Director putting Rendang into Sharifah's plate while we were posing for the shot.
Nice Scene!!

The winner of "Non Stop Eater of the Day"

Ready, Set & GO!!!!

Our Purchaser on her first trial for "tapai".
Pening the whole day.


Me with Office-Mate

The happiest couple in the office.
Orang sebuk makan, dieorg smpt lagik berdating.

Last but not least, a video captured during the occasion, for your eyes!!

Salam Raya utk semua!!!


  1. x pernah sy jumpa ketupat NONA sesedap tu...kih kih kih

  2. hahahahah...mmg susah nk jumper, sbb kb ajew yg leh wat ketupat nona sesedap itu..hahhaah


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